Measurables: 6'3" 220 lbs.

Games Watched: Wake Forest (2015), Duke (2015), Miami (2015), Pittsburgh (2016), Florida State (2016), Virginia Tech (2016), Miami (2016), Virginia (2016), Duke (2016), North Carolina State (2016), Stanford (2016)


Accuracy (Short, Medium, Deep) Pocket Presence Decision Making Arm Strength
90 90 85 75 70 85
Mobility Lower Body Mechanics Release Poise/Clutch Total
90 82 90 75 83.2%

Some people might not consider it a negative, but he has only started 13 games in his college career. Experience is the best teacher, and he only has one season.

Athletic. Shows good vision as a runner and keeps the ball high and tight. He has a little wiggle as a runner and deceptive speed, although he isn't going to outrun to many people in a dead sprint.

Light on his feet in the pocket. Can be hot and cold on his awareness of sensing where the pass rush is. When multiple pass rushers collapse the pocket and get in his face, he tends to drop his eyes.

Needs to work on synchronizing his lower body mechanics, having hips and trail leg snap/follow through. Needs to consistently throw from a stronger base. Feet and base tend to suffer when he is pressured in the pocket.

Needs to learn to speed up his internal clock and work through his progressions faster. Offensive scheme often has him throwing to wide open WR's, so when initial read is covered, he needs to move on to second and third reads faster.

Has enough arm strength to make every throw. Showed ability to fit balls into some tight windows.

Ball placement and accuracy are excellent. He consistently places the ball in his wide receiver's chest, hitting them in stride. Rarely are balls thrown behind or in a place where he forces his receiver to have to adjust. Accurate when rolling out to both the left and right. He can be streaky with his passing, running hot and cold with his accuracy. Can get easily rattled by consistent pressure and let his mechanics and speed of working through progressions falter as a result.

Quick release, although he tends to let ball drop a little in a "wind up" motion.

Despite rough outing versus Stanford in which he committed 3 turnovers (2 INT's and 1 fumble) he showed resilience in leading them within one play of tying the game. He threw what would've been the game tying TD pass three times, with receivers dropping the ball twice, before finally scoring on the third pass. The failed two point conversion was more due to his porous offensive line, then his failure to be clutch. Was able to lead successful late comebacks versus Florida State and Pitt. However, had a terrible interception to lose game on last drive versus Duke.

Will need time to adjust to speed of the NFL game. Needs time to speed things up mentally. Has potential to be a starter at the next level, although ideally not right away. 7.0 - 1st Round