Measurables: 5'11" 215 lbs.

Games: Michigan (2016), Florida (2016), Clemson (2016)

Acceleration/Burst 97 Speed 100
Vision/Patience 85 Power 60
Elusiveness 83 Pass Pro 30
Pass Catching 90 Ball Security 30
Agility 85 Total 73.33%

Injury history a concern, has had two shoulder surgeries in the past.

Slashing, one cut running style. Has ability to run between the tackles, but at his best when working on outside zones and counter plays where he has a chance to win edge and get to the 2nd level in a hurry behind lead blockers.

Has home run ability, able to take it to the house for a TD from anywhere at anytime. Agility and elusiveness in open field are good, but has to slow down still when making cuts, as when he is moving to fast he can trip himself up.

Can make people miss with subtle movements and by throttling up and down in speed to lull defenders into taking bad angles. Able to power through arm tackles and some secondary players, but not able to pick up extra yardage against bigger front-7 defenders. Won't pick up to many yards after initial contact.

Good patience on designed counters and outside runs, letting offensive line set up blocks and watching for the over or under pursuit of defenders.

Ball security is an issue, put the ball on the ground way to many times.

Extremely valuable as a pass weapon out of the backfield. Has the ability to line up in the slot or split out wide, and is an immediate mismatch against bigger safeties and linebackers.

Needs to work on pass protection as he too often just cut blocks with his head down, often missing, or whiffs from lunging at blitzing defenders.

Dangerous offensive weapon that can score from anywhere on the field. 7.2 - 1st Round